Fragrance Fragrance Description
Exotic Spice Woodsy, pinion notes combined with oriental spices and clove. buy now
Frankincense & Rain The distinct aroma of frankincense creates a tranquil atmosphere with notes of incense, balsamic spice and Meyer lemon. buy now
Orange/Vanilla This fragrance is the perfect combination of crisp orange notes elevated by the exquisite addition of Tahitian vanilla. buy now
Rosemary/ Jasmine Picture yourself in a garden surrounded by heady florals accentuated by wafting notes of jasmine and a hint of rosemary. buy now
Patchouli/ Sandalwood Asiatic patchouli blended with sandalwood and cedar. buy now
Fresh Cut Tuberose A tropical white flower with an intense, heady floral fragrance – reminds you of a gardenia only more powerful and memorable. buy now
Ocean Marine RETIRED: Refreshing and vibrant, with sophisticated aquatic notes and a hint of red currant. (DISCONTINUED)
Lemongrass Verbena Crisp citrus notes extracted from Asian lemongrass complemented by Brazilian verbena and softened with base notes of vanilla. buy now
Guava/Mango A fusion of exotic flavors. This mouth-watering blend of two tropical fruits combines succulent mango and flavorful guava. buy now
Bob's Flower Shoppe Imagine walking into an open air flower market – you are enveloped by the fragrance of all the flowers, freshly cut green stems, and water droplets on each petal. buy now
Mediterranean Fig Sophisticated and fruity at the same time, reminiscent of a fresh fig ripened in the warm Tuscan sun. buy now
Vanilla Tarte RETIRED: It's so good you can taste the Tahitian vanilla with a hint of burnt sugar- you could swear you were in a European pastry shop.
Exotic Musk Combines distinct oriental, woodsy notes with a refreshing blend of exotic citrus and base notes of cocoa and vanilla musk. buy now
Water The ozonic, watery notes are unlike anything you have ever experienced. This sophisticated, clean fragrance will astound you with its fresh and energizing spirit. buy now
Amber & Bergamot A smooth, velvety combination of aromatic bergamot and the sultriness of amber. buy now
Pear RETIRED: Close your eyes and smell the fragrance, you will feel like you just bit into a fresh pear. (DISCONTINUED)
Wild Currant The perfect currant. It captures the fresh, fruity taste with an unforgettable blend of red and black currant. buy now
Lavender de Provence A true lavender, found only in Provence, the lavender capital of the world. A lavender so refined and accurate that it was previously only found in perfumes. buy now
Pink Grapefruit So good you will think it's a real grapefruit – freshly sliced with a sprinkle of sugar. buy now
Bamboo Sugar Cane Notes captured from the heart of the sugar cane with a burst of citrus, enhanced with a touch of green bamboo. buy now
Blackberry Vanilla Naturally grown blackberries, freshly picked at the height of the season gently sheared with a bourbon vanilla note. buy now
Sweet Honeysuckle Envision relaxing outdoors when the scent of honeysuckle floats by on a gentle breeze- we've captured those exact notes in this fragrance. buy now
Macintosh So accurate you will think you're in an orchard surrounded by baskets of apples. Savor the scent and flavor of a fully ripened Macintosh apple. buy now
Sexy Cinnamon Sultry, smooth and sophisticated- cinnamon like you have never experienced before. It's not your Grandma's cinnamon. buy now
Black Pepper Dark and aromatic, full of romance and intrigue. Notes of black peppercorn, anise and balsam wood lend to the unique character of this fragrance. buy now
Burmese Wood An incredible balance of teak and balsam woods, with a rich base note of tonka. buy now
Jasmine Gardenia Classic, sophisticated and stylish. An exquisite combination of the timelessness of jasmine and the heart notes of gardenia with a hint of honeysuckle top notes. buy now
Quince & Pomegranate Sun-ripened quince & fresh pomegranate with top notes of Asiatic Lily. buy now
Yuzu & Bonsai Sparkling citrus notes of the Japanese Yuzu accented with fresh, green notes of the Bonsai tree. buy now
Pure Peony The perfect peony... elegant, sophisticated, and always timeless. buy now
White Lotus & Lychee This exotic fragrance captures the delicate beauty of the white lotus flower enhanced with fresh lychee fruit and creamy jasmine rice. buy now
Mandarin Goji This zesty and fruity blend of crisp goji berries and fresh mandarin uplifts and rejuvenates your senses. buy now
Fig & Mimosa This is the perfect balance of bright and spicy. Ripe figs and delicate mimosa blooms are complemented by the richness of blonde woods. buy now
Fine Linen Freshly laundered fine linens radiate the lush scents of white rose petals, passion fruit nectar and blooming vanilla orchids. buy now
Teak & Oud Wood The complex natures of Teak and Oud woods create a modern combination of dark woody and sophisticated sweet notes. Madagascar vanilla and Tonka Bean balance out this fragrance to create a smooth and spicy aroma. buy now
Amber & Tonka Bean The coveted, natural aroma of Tonka Beans is mingled with the alluring notes of raw amber. Rich and luxurious, this sultry fragrance is captivatingly unique and pure. buy now
Black Orchid Ylang Full of mystery and intrigue, this fragrance captures the beauty of the rare black orchid and enhances it with exotic essence of the ylang ylang flower. buy now
Indigo Acai Indigo Acai captures the rich tropical berry notes blended with aromatic white floral notes of Gardenia and Jasmine. Creamy vanilla notes and White Musk add warmth to compliment this bright and lively fragrance. buy now

Seasonal Collection

White Fir White fir essence fills your room with the refreshing, cool sensation of a winter forest.
Frasier Fir, Balsam Wood, Cool Ozonic Notes
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Orange Clove The classic combination of juicy orange and freshly ground clove warms your senses.
Juicy Orange, Freshly Ground Clove, Cinnamon
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Holiday Cinnamon sticks, spiced raisins and gingerbread make this a vibrant and spicy blend.
Cinnamon Stick, Gingerbread, Bourbon Vanilla
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Lemon Sugar Cookie Tart lemon balances the sweetness of oven-baked cookies drizzled with frosting.
Lemon Zest, Baked Cookie, Warm Sugar
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Hearth Notes of autumn leaves, wild black currant, crushed nutmeg and sweet apricot comfort with feelings of family and memories of home.
Wild Black Currant, Crushed Nutmeg, Autumn Leaves
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Golden Cypress Create a holiday ambience with the intoxicating aroma of fresh cypress sprigs and golden citron fruit.
Citron Zest, Green Cypress, Siberian Fir
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Fireside Pumpkin Smoking white birch logs and New England pumpkin create a warm and inviting fragrance.
New England Pumpkin, Smoky Pumpkin Spices, Glowing Embers
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