Trapp 7oz Poured Candles

Large Poured Candles

Our poured candles fit into any decor. They fill the room with fragrance and create the perfect ambiance you desire.

7 oz - approximately 50 hour burn time.
Trapp 8.75oz Ambiance Large Candle

8.75oz. Ambiance Candles

8.75 ounces poured candle
approximately 70 hour burn time
soy blend wax
Trapp 3.75oz Ambiance Large Candle

3.75oz. Ambiance Candles

3.75 ounces poured candle
approximately 30 hour burn time
soy blend wax
Trapp 2oz Votives Candles


The Trapp Votive is our most popular item. They are the most often purchased several at a time and can be used on every occassion. Just one will fragrance a room, or several and can be used throughout your home while entertaining.

2 oz - 15-20 hour burn time
Trapp 2.6oz Home Fragrance Melt

Home Fragrance Melts

Guaranteed to fill any size room with fragrance. Combine two or more scents to create personalized fragrances.

2.6 oz – approximately 30+ hour burn time
Trapp Home Fragrance Mist

Home Fragrance Mist

Instantly fill a room with fragrance. Elegant styling complements any decor. Several sprays are often purchased at the same time for use throughout your home.
Trapp 4.5oz Reed Diffusers

Reed Diffuser

Trapp Reed Diffusers are a perfect complement to your candles and can be used in any room of your home all-day, everyday. Our reed diffusers are specially formulated to fill your home with the fragrances you love. You'll love our new custom-designed vase that can easily fit with any decor. Innovative packaging that is ready for any gift-giving occassion. Available in our most popular fragrances. Lasts approx. 45 days.
Trapp 4oz Reed Diffuser Refills

Reed Diffuser Refills

4 ounces diffuser fluid
2 sets of 12 reeds
Lasts approximately 45 days